Life in Jersey = Apathy

Ah, Jersey.

The new workers place New Jersey fourth among states in total public-sector hiring growth, the census shows. Just three states—California, Florida, and Texas—hired more government workers than Jersey has since 2000, and they’ve got much larger populations. Also, those states’ populations expanded at least as fast as their public workforces did. Jersey’s population, by contrast, has increased by less than 4 percent, even as its state and local public-employee ranks have swelled 14 percent—double the national average.

from “The Most Reckless State,” by Steven Malanga in City Journal

Not much to say here: it’s Jersey, and I’m used to this by now. I remember the time our bond rating slipped below California’s even though we had a surplus because of how we spend.

Whatever. This is old news that will repeat until the end of time.

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