Not particularly thoughtful lately, I must admit, not thoughtful at all.

Definitely the heat is getting to me – my parents never put the air conditioning on unless the house hits 85 degrees. I have got to get out of here.

I had to put down an essay by Rousseau that I read about half of, an essay entitled “On the Origin of Language,” because it flew over my head by about several miles.

Now I’m trying to pick up Aristotle’s Ethics, Book 3, and finding the first chapter of that to be as dense as can be.

And some of you know what’s happening with things school-wise, and I will not comment further.

The only relief recently has been starting a French course. That’s almost brainless fun, because there’s so much to learn that anything done for that course constitutes learning. This includes saying perverted things in English in the most obnoxious “French” voice possible.

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