Arbitrary Vocabulary Lists Do No One Any Good – Help Find the Context for these Words

Words I should know and yet still have to look up (h/t genpinkdon’t ask me what I was doing on the site)

Let me be clear: it is worth knowing more words. “Abjure,” which is to reject something officially or solemnly, like as if or if one were actually under oath, is a great word. It connects very nicely with “conjure” (“abjure” is “to swear away,” “conjure” is literally “to swear with,” which would explain how it is one needs the help of an external force to conjure something), although I’m not sure how “perjure” can be dragged into this reasoning.

In any case, while I’m having fun feeling dumb in front of the list, I’m also realizing something: I’m outrageously well-read. If these words aren’t coming up in Shakespeare and Yeats and all the other stuff I have to read being in academia, then what exactly is their context?

What I’d like to do is this: if you remember any of these words on the list above coming up in high school in a particular work or class, please, write it in the comments (i.e. “gamete” we all know came up in Health class and Biology class, so that makes sense). When were “lugubrious” and “abjure” used, though?

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  1. This is elysa from genpink, just wanted to see who was linking to me. Chances are you found me through 9rules.

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