Things I Don’t Understand

  • hockey (the only strategy as far as I can see is to get in front of the goalie and “deke” while your team beats the living hell out of the other team)
  • women (I probably understand them far too well to be involved with them, but until I lose about 100 IQ points, they come under things I don’t understand)
  • driving
  • alcohol
  • chess (I know the moves and basic strategy. I don’t know endgame patterns I wish to achieve)
  • academia (I know good people in school. Thus, I know the exceptions to the rule)
  • bureaucrats (The biggest scandal in Wolfowitz resigning is that the idiot bureaucrats at the World Bank, who really are appeasers of tyranny and firmly believe that American power has no stake in the World Bank functioning well – haven’t been fired en masse. They hated Wolfowitz, of course)
  • classical materialism (that infinite/too-great-to-comprehend/finite distinction is driving me crazy as regards Epicurus. I’m still rewriting parts of yesterday’s blog post)
  • portraiture
  • physics
  • math
  • chemistry
  • biology
  • really, anything to do with science
  • engineering
  • anything to do with technology, now that I think about it
  • video games (I can’t believe it, but there are people who are certified experts in playing and analyzing and deconstructing these things)
  • classics (I have the mindset, but I need more familiarity)
  • this post (I needed filler, I just don’t feel like posting while editing the last post)

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