The Right Sort of Audience

This blog has gotten an amazing amount of search engine traffic in the previous month, but I think that’s going to be gone now. The last two days have been horrible, and that’s in line with a greater trend recently where my traffic has hit nil.

I say “amazing” because there aren’t that many posts on here, and the content is difficult.

That anyone would stop by – let alone a 100 or so unique visitors a day – is a minor miracle.

But I suppose that all that traffic has been for naught. After all, virtually none of that traffic bothers to link back, or even spend substantial time at the site. The average visit here is little over a minute, which makes me wonder: Can anything I write really be digested in 1 minute? I mean, most of what I write on takes a lot longer to get through than a minute.

The audience for this blog will build itself, I’m sure, but I wonder how it will happen. This is a different sort of site, and I wonder if the rules that hold generally for other blogs apply here.

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  1. One minute is all any body needs for anything, anything!

    But that aside I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Most of the ‘content’ out there is only content by definition and not by merit. You, on the other hand, have genuine content. It is not just a matter of echoing what hundreds of other people have already echoed. So, buck up!

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