1. He forgets to mention the alien living in our head that we have to help get back to his plane of existence. Things like this always forget the “details.” Just like when you ask a Mormon if they have seen the tablets and special goggles that the book of Mormon was written with.

    It is dangerous because it makes it sound as if it is just an idea, a way of life that can be picked up. There is a lot more to scientology than just an “applied religious philosophy.”

  2. I definitely agree with you. The deeper question is how he’s able to use the “soft-sell” so effectively. It’s like we have culturally constructed code-words that mean “nice and fluffy and harmless,” and I wonder why those words are so effective in this context, and how they came about.

  3. You’re right about the “soft sell,” I don’t know if it is effective though. But, in regards what you said, it may be effective because it does not grab you like much does today. By allowing you to go to it, it makes itself seem more friendly. It’s like saying “I’m here if you need me, just over here when you are ready.” So much today really comes at you, car ads for example, and that is disconcerting to many people.

    I mean, it’s not like he can just start with the whole alien being stuff either, he has to reel you in. Once you start asking questions of interest, as opposed to questions of doubt, then he has you and the rest begins to seems credible.

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