Weekend Update: Brought to you by Myspace

Those of you who know me personally will know that I have many negative things to say about Friday night, although I am very grateful for having seen what I saw then, and much more thankful to one friend for taking me to places I wouldn’t go on my own.

Here’s the good of the weekend:

  • Ran into a band member of the band Relay, whom I very much enjoyed talking to, she being very well-educated and thoughtful and cordial and into her music, not so much the “scene.”
  • An artist who was kind enough to introduce himself and talk to me when I was about to start bashing my head against the wall to get myself to think something other than “bleh” has samples of his work here, which I found amazing.
  • A photographer and his girlfriend put up with me being awfully boring and in “Can I hang with you guys” mode. His photobucket has some pretty interesting pics.

And that’s it. Not the most productive time of my life, but I am happier for having met people that can tolerate me in public.

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