This Blog Is About Me. No, It’s Not. Yes, It Is….

I wonder sometimes if I’m not open enough, if mine is a wholly public persona.

I do not wonder this because I have nothing better to do. It has to do with someone I never got through to.

It does seem like I steer this blog away from personal topics, and that the few times such topics come up, they’re nothing interesting, like as if I don’t pay any attention to myself or even how I’m feeling (unless I’m mopey, and there are practical reasons in that case why I whine).

Now it does seem in the age dominated only by the private, we have a way of creating a wholly artificial private. That’s probably why PostSecret is so popular: if one has secrets, one has something that is wholly one’s own – it isn’t the same thing at all as the sneakers or the cars everyone else has, or the bands that everyone listens to, even when they’re “unknown.” (Never mind, of course, that all of our “secrets” turn out to be the same: doing something shameless and wrong, or being insecure).

So I guess I could accuse everyone who thinks this blog is boring or “overthought” of not being able to recognize a healthy sense of self, one that can actually do more than navel gaze.

But if I go that route, that misses something about the poem commentaries that are really the foundation of this blog. I always aim to make those commentaries accessible, and not for people who would be into poetry no matter what.

The idea is to show just how much people could pack into speech, and how many deep questions that could be raised we’re better for attempting to answer.

This blog exists to relate to people. And I think I’m doing a really good job of that, even if I can’t address every issue everyone has at every moment. At some point, people just have to grow up, and realize that communication is two ways, and that knowledge isn’t arrogance. It’s actually the ultimate humility. I didn’t get smart listening to myself, and I certainly don’t stay smart not giving you the same consideration I do my work, or those closest to me, or even myself.

The coup-de-grace is this: to “overthink” is to dwell on a thought, and 9 times out of 10, that original thought is not mine, but something I merely want to do full justice to.

Yeah, I’m on an ego-trip. Do feel free to ask yourselves what inspired this.

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  1. Interesting post. I too think a lot about the public persona versus inner awareness. It was one of the drivers for me to create the Hidden Lives website. Find it on Google (so I can’t be accused of link spamming!).

    cheers, justin

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