On Aging and the Mind

For all the complaining I do about my professors, I greatly admire them in one way – they know how to stay young while not acting like high schoolers.

They’ve grown old and matured. And I can’t help but think that this is a result of appreciating knowledge.

Outside of my immediate circle of friends, the stories are so much the same they’re interchangeable. I don’t want to get moralistic about booze and sex and drugs, because I don’t really have to – it’s boring, and if you don’t believe me because you’re young and looking good now, imagine when you’re older and more attractive even and everyone else is going after younger and easier people.

Not getting paid attention to is the worst thing. We literally have to drink to get it out of our minds most times. And cliques always take on people that shouldn’t be there – heck, shouldn’t be anywhere, really – because of our own want of attention.

My guess with my profs is that since they can sit and wonder about a few words for hours at a time, they can keep themselves patient and active, both at once. That’s a combination that I don’t think can occur in life outside of the mind, and it is a combination that I can’t romanticize too much, for it produces nothing – there is no attention to be had.

But it does keep them young at heart, and for the one that is a good friend, and for the ones that I owe a lot to and will become good friends with – well, I wanna join those ranks too.

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  1. Wow. You have no idea what fills up professors’ time these days. From filing accreditation reviews to compiling post-tenure packets to endless asinine committee meetings, there is no time to sit and think about anything.
    I think that what keeps professors young at heart might well be the time in the classroom, interacting with the intellectual wealth and merit of the material covered in the syllabus. For me, anyway.

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