A Few Housekeeping Matters…

  1. Fixed that annoying thing the podcast was doing, which was play whenever the page loaded. That actually kept me from loading my own blog for a little while. Please do inform me if this has not been fixed for you.
  2. It is worth going through my bookmarks at Ma.gnolia now, since I have linked to a number of articles that are not mine and that I might have only mentioned or blogged about a long while ago. There are only a little over a hundred items, but it’s growing.
  3. If you can find articles about the recent bombings in Baghdad explaining exactly what’s going on, it would be appreciated. Where is al-Qaeda getting all this help all of a sudden, and are they marginalized or not? (the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq was wounded 2 days ago in a firefight with police – I wonder if he used his trump card early as a response, actually).
  4. Any of you who think there are essential free downloads for Mac that one must have, please feel free to share.
  5. Oral exam the 27th, I’m out of here the 25th.

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