I walk only about a mile to campus every day, but it has been rainy here, and my shoes and jeans are always getting muddy. I can’t walk on the road because there is no shoulder, and of course there is no sidewalk, just hilly uneven ground. Traffic is pretty vicious, too, with one intersection in particular being a place I always have to watch and only step across at the last minute (btw, the hand still hurts, although it has gotten better).

As I was making my walk today, I thought a lot about the Presidency issue discussed yesterday, and the problem and promise of super short terms. The key problem is what happens if something bad happens: Would leaders just get used to bailing? I like to think that many wouldn’t, but one thing that keeps recurring in my life is the theme of just how childish we really are. And once I start thinking like that, then comes about the other problem of a President committing massive injustices and walking away, too.

The more I think about it, the less I’m talking about the Presidency, and the more I’m advocating a culture where we just aren’t obsessed with being in control. Right now, I’m being treated well in Dallas, and really hopeful about someone I met online. I think I’m happy because I’m not strictly in control. If it were possible to get people to think about doing the job as President, and less about the legacy or even being reelected, we’d have a better country for sure. But maybe I should make that case less directed at the institution, and instead start making the case to all of us.

After all, I now have a “I walked a mile to school in the mud when I was young” story to use, so my superior virtue and experience are demonstrable.

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  1. Dude, that’s not a “walking to school story in the mud.” It does however point to your superior character and fortitude. It must be a pain and yet I detected little if any complaint. That is admirable. I have been thinking about the presidency and also, oddly enough, Nietzche and the men of virtue as he discusses it. Much too much time on my hands I suppose.

    You are in my prayers. I hope that your hand continues to improve and heal. I also hope that you walk is better tomorrow.

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