Passed the Greek exam, just barely, but it is a pass and I’m happy.

I can’t concentrate right now after writing the first comprehensive exam for four hours and studying a little bit more afterward. I thought this first comprehensive exam went well, and while there were a few mistakes I made, I know I can defend the positions articulated and retract the one thing I said that I didn’t really want to say later – there are oral exams coming up.

Nothing much to add. Things are good, but I’m tired and really busy. I can’t wait to review all that has been done more fully, actually: in a sense, things are just beginning. It really is weird how this exercise, which seems almost like a formality, does help put everything one learned together.

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  1. It forces one to think about ones education as a whole, a culmination of learning and thought, instead of as a series of classes. As much as I dislike the whole idea it makes sense when done well.

    A pass is a pass, it’s over with. God, you must be out of your mind with anticipation. I would just want to take all the exams at once. I know it would be 12 hours, but then it’s over and done.

    Good luck! I am happy that you can still add a post to the blog.

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