Sometimes I’m Glad A Significant Other Isn’t Around…

…it’s bad enough that if a woman dealt with me, me being a total bum, that the poor girl would have to deal with my arrogance and ranting about “love and lousy poetry.”

What’s worse is hanging around the house, and watching my father, and realizing omg I’m gonna be that guy, if I’m not him already. My friends think I’m better than that, because they believe that my reading and thinking and writing all the time is not merely productive, but an aspiring for something. And it is true that the entire time I’ve known my Dad, that “aspiration” would not be a word I use in conjunction with his nature.

I’ve never seen him read a book. He sits around all day – this has been true ever since I could remember 20+ years ago – and listens to the news on the radio, until the TV news comes on broadcast television. Then he watches that news from 4 o’clock, or if it comes on earlier, from then, until 7:30, and then watches yet more TV.

What’s really funny is when he’s at the breakfast table ranting about how we’re losing our competitive edge in math and science because all these kids do nothing but watch TV, and when he tries to make predictions about what Congress will do or where the markets will go based on the news. Even sitting on my ass online, I read about 6 or 7 newspapers a day, and I wouldn’t dare predict that stuff.

But you know what? I can’t just sit and spout about how comical he is, because I can see those tendencies in myself. I can sit and lecture about nothing for hours and bore people to death. And there is no real difference between talking about Aristotle and the news, really, when one has nothing else to talk about – if one has something else to talk about, and that other thing can be safely said to be of a lower value, then talking about Aristotle or the news isn’t just ranting.

So I dunno. I wanna be better than that, but I don’t know if there’s any escaping genetics, and the fact I am loved and do have friends probably makes me worse in these regards: it is only the people that might not like one that can serve as a corrective, perhaps.

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