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  • Some very right-wing posts of mine at Irate Nation, if you haven’t seen them yet: “The Story of America” and “Does Technology Necessitate Changes in the Nature of Politics?” I wrote these and thought they were pretty polemical; now I’m kinda wishing I had saved them for this blog, as they explore a lot of territory intellectually, although nothing too deeply.
  • This book Amy King has stumbled across sounds way too heady for me, but her post brings up a good question about poetry that I don’t mind tossing around without thinking too hard: Is there a philosophical basis for modern poetry?
  • Gracchi reviews a book about the legend of Napoleon, and I wonder if it could be a reflection about myth and empire.
  • Kristine Lowe discusses a law in France that seems rather restrictive of citizen-journalism, and journalism generally.
  • Josh has posted a poem of Emily Dickinson’s that I’ve been staring at for a while now.

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  1. Typically fascinating articles Ashok- I’ve read and tried to comment on both- I’m not sure abotu the comment on the Tech one but the American History one I’d love to see your comments on- given your interests- have you read Pocock on Machiavellianism and the American founding- its fascinating and might be interesting given your thinking about the founders.

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