In Dallas

Just wanted to let you know that yes, my hand still hurts, and yes, things are crazy over at my house over the accident – I should just say that someone’s refusal to accept responsibility when they don’t have the capability of doing something almost killed them, my Mom, and I.

But things are good in Texas right now. My hotel sucks – it’s a seedy place and there are sex and drugs all over the place and I just wanted to run and get to the library. Ran into some old friends, and I do have a good friend here who is keeping watch over me a bit – made sure I ate when I got off my flight which was delayed for 2 hours and then after I lost my luggage keeping me in the airport for another hour.

I’m in the library right now, wondering about the link between mastery of rhetoric and war. I’m not clear on what this link is, but Plato thinks it perhaps a criticism of epic, which is war discussed – perhaps romanticized – in very high sounding language. I don’t know what’s going on, to tell the truth.

I do know that I’m hungry, and I need to find a place to eat, but that I’m pretty happy right now. Things are going pretty well given how crappy this day started (knocking on wood… could still get run over and shot walking back to the hotel).


  1. Oh goodness! I just now read about the accident. I’m glad everyone is ok and you made it to Texas. Do take care of yourself there.

  2. I am glad that you are relatively OK. I am concerned about this accident and the “refusal to accept responsibility” though. I want you to be clear and free minded this next week or so. You have so much to do.

    In regards to the hotel; well that sucks! Are the prostatots at least good eye candy? If not I feel for you bro! Please be careful when transiting back and forth! I am using too many exclamation points in this comment I think.

    Any way, I have been thinking about the connection between rhetoric and war. Perhaps because they are both the same thing, at least back then.Victory could hinge on a speech, if my epic knowledge is to be trusted.

    God speed and stay safe!

  3. Shocked to hear about your accident and I’m glad you are ok- bar the hand but that should get better. I’m glad someone is looking after you and making sure you are eating etc- libraries don’t matter at times like this- I am a PhD student and know, sort yourself out and you’ll be ok. Good luck blogfriend!

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