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Before the comprehensives start, the first hurdle is a Greek exam. I’m working on it now, but it is a lot to consume, and the fun thing is that while my Greek as a whole is getting better, the work doesn’t really affect the translation I’m doing on Aeschylus at all: that Greek is so dense every word has to be looked up anyway.

Still, pass or fail, I feel good because there is learning happening. Translation of this particular Platonic work is moving faster, and I have enough under my belt to write a paper on this dialogue alone.

Tomorrow is the core comprehensive exam. I probably won’t sleep much tonight: I want to read secondary sources and get talking points – meaning Sparknotes if I need to – on each text for tomorrow. The secondary sources I really want to dig into are an extremely long essay on Aristotle of which I have good notes from the first three pages, and some stuff on Machiavelli, Rousseau, and maybe even Dante if possible. But I want talking points on all the texts, that’s tonight’s goal. Tomorrow morning, same sort of review, but for a different exam.

So we’ll see how this goes. It could be brutal: people have an amazing capacity to remember useless detail. One thing is for certain – if I do well, it’ll probably be a credit to the continual blogging/essaying, the fact that I was willing to craft and share and in a sense, have been preparing to give an account of everything I’ve studied all along.

One other note: I’m rereading “Enfolding” and “A Daughter to Her Parents on Their Anniversary.” I love both poems, and I wonder if the take each has on Platonic themes is correct.


  1. Just remember to breathe!! Everything will alright, I know it will be. Just pray and let the knowledge flow from that brain of yours.

    Maybe I will find some more secret sorority handshakes!

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