Fun with Getting Last Minute Work Together

I’m scrambling to get as much of Plato’s short dialogue the “Ion” translated before I head back to Texas.

I really don’t want to be messing with the Greek too much this next week – I want to be reading and making notes and writing, not scrambling for a computer to use Perseus. If I’m going to translate anything, it might be some German – I’d like to get some Nietzsche and Rilke translated and under my belt. That’s a lot easier to do, because I don’t need to be terribly literal: I just need to do quantity so I can get the vocab in order and remember what German I already know.

The Greek is demanding partly because I explore too much – one thing I’ve noticed with the Ion, a dialogue which ends with the main interlocutor of Socrates saying that with rhetoric alone, he can be a general, is that every word at the beginning used to mean “I speak” or “I won a contest [for speaking]” or whatever has military connotations in Homer. So as I’m translating, I’m trying to figure out exactly what the war/speech connection is, and that’s distracting.

Also distracting was playing around on MySpace, but that’s another story.

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