I’ve been reading poetry all day and listening to music, and I’ve been chiding myself until now for not working.

Then it hit me: I haven’t really listened to any music in 2 weeks in Texas, or focused on any poetry, save for that poem by Blake Josh was kind enough to bring up.

I have to build my ability to concentrate again the right way. I have been in “cram for exams” mode, which is the concentration most students develop. Get the order and items memorized, get the formulas to work. But now it is time to engage these authors and their works truly, and resume the dissertation. Their souls sing in their poetry and prose, and I need to go back to speaking slowly and listening carefully for what I am privileged to appreciate.

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  1. I’ve been looking into French courses, and Camden County College’s offerings suck. They only offer a day class for Elementary French I. Rutgers – Camden Campus, offers an evening course. However, this runs Monday through Thursday 6pm to 9:40 pm., for three or five weeks. Better but also expensive at $255 a credit, with each course a 4 credit course, that is $1000 not including the fees and what not.

    Still looking into it though.

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