Links, 2/16

Not being online means there isn’t much to share. I’m also not feeling particularly well at the moment.

1. Amy King’s poem “Never Is Less” is definitely worth a read. Still working on what to say about it, as it is an experience that is well-worth it, but definitely mixed. Bonus points for identifying the painting excerpted above the poem, and who’s pointing where, and why.

2. Some of you know I’ve been guest-blogging over at “The Irate Nation,” and while those posts are far more polemical than much of what I write here, I like them. Here’s one I wrote as a speech for a candidate I very much like.

3. This post on Google’s attempt to create a wholly personalized search is really good, and I think I’ll be writing about the topic later. The growth of the Internet might mean that Google has to go this direction, in order to keep track of niche content.

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