Links, 2/12

1. A new blog on politics and communications has some thoughtful posts and is definitely worth a look: see Participation(s)

2. Barack Obama’s Church, courtesy of PTN.

3. Another toy for your blog – this one depends on your ability to write headlines.

4. Some expanded thoughts on one of Participation(s) entries.

That’s it for today. I’m still rereading yesterday’s entry to see if it fits together.

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  1. Hope that the weekend was productive, or at least entertaining. Mine was all a whirl wind of activity. But, I believe that I had several small revelations that may just lead to one grand epiphany. I am also convinced that reading horrible writing, and poorly articulated and researched arguments, can only make me a better writer. But the absolute banality of the aforementioned writing is enough to give me a headache of mammoth proportions.

    That said… That last post was deep, and heavy. I will have to give that some serious thought.

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