How Not To Do Conservative Media

How to make Conservatives look like stupid, boorish jackasses

Thanks, Joel Surnow: just because 24 thrives on your utter lack of subtlety and inability to write dialogue, you feel you can be the comedian for the Right by making jokes not unlike Hans Moleman’s film in “The Simpsons” entitled “Man Getting Hit by Football.”

I mean, seriously, at least that film was funny. This on the other hand, is making all of us on the Right look bad just from the clip alone. And you have to be lambasted for the clip, because you’re seeking to entertain, not educate. If it were the latter, then boring jokes or controversial ideas could be brought up in order to be discussed.

Here, it looks like the very controversial topic of race and qualifications in a society that has affirmative action is being brought up. It’s a legitimate topic, and yet you chose to go the low road, and are trying to get people to laugh at very, very mild versions of things said in bars that are a lot nastier and not appropriate for any situation.

You want conservative TV? Bring back “Firing Line” in some form or another. It was classy and thoughtful and anyone with an attention span could learn from it. It showed what the Right was about, that we were serious about thinking through issues and serious about politics. It isn’t clear that progressivism is serious about politics: it sees politics as a means that could be bypassed if another way to an ideal could be achieved, and it tends to see issues in terms of ideals (i.e. “all women are liberated,” “racial tensions have been eliminated,” “all people share equally in wealth”) as opposed to compromises (i.e. “lower taxes allow people of all sorts to do what they wish with their wealth,” “strict construction readings of the Constitution allow for more voices to enter a policy discussion with efficacy, as opposed to the Court doing whatever it wants,” etc.).

I need to make that above argument tighter, but I think the general idea is clear.

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  1. Interesting points- by the way for a semi right wing comedy it aims both ways so for instance goes for nuclear detterance but really is brilliant on the bureacracy have you ever watched the British series Yes Minister- its about the way that the civil servants in the UK stop the politicians doing what they wish

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