How is it that being alone means I’m part of the largest group of people on the planet?

I write about love in some way every day. And I really don’t know what it is, because if I did, I would treat other people better, I would work a lot harder for myself and for them, and I wouldn’t whine just because I know absolutely no women in my area.

At some point, I need to learn to be found. The key to being found is that if I were found in the condition I am now, I would rightfully be thrown back, just as I was properly thrown back by others before. So there needs to be drastic improvement before I can be thrown away improperly by others.

The proof we’re not loving isn’t that a clod such as myself has been rejected. I’m arrogant enough to know that I don’t really care about that, ultimately. I’m more worried about those who have been there for me, and who treated me like gold when the weight of the world was concentrated in asserting my insignificance.

I hope they get some enjoyment out of this letter, advice given to a girl going to the prom, which I’m sure many of you have read before, and which I still consider the best thing I’ve ever written.


  1. To start:
    You are not alone. As long as you have friends you can’t be lonely. And you do have friends, genuine and sincere friends that care about you.

    If someone cannot find the value in you it is not your fault. If the world were to stop appreciating the statue of David would it be any less valuable? So, don’t change because a bunch of babies seem to think you worthless!!

    I don’t like it when you get this way, it’s not healthy. Take a walk, go for a drive, read some Greek, do something.

    Valentines day is an invention of the card industry and the feminist movement to make us men feel insignificant. Don’t give in to this estrogen fest! Why do we need a day to celebrate love? Aren’t we supposed to do that every day?!

  2. Why do people take themselves so seriously? Honestly dude, I want to know! There is so much crap on the net. That in and of its self is not bothersome, but the fact that the majority of these people take it seriously. They really think that they make a difference, that people care, that people enjoy their crap, that they are smart. That irks me to no end; people pretending to be smart. Even though they don’t know they are pretending, they think they are smart, it still pretending.

    And yet, I can’t help but look. It’s like watching a train wreck; you don’t want to look but you really want to see it. AT first I figured it was so I could inflate my ego. A little of “God I am so much better than this. HaHa HaHa.” But it isn’t, this I know. When I read the crap I read I am infuriated with this person. As if they purposely set out to write bad and ensnare me with that bad writing. Like they knew I would be drawn to it. Other times I think it’s because it will make me write better. Seeing what you are not to do never makes a person better. I realize that that is just me rationalizing the wasting of my time. So, again I get furious because I was trapped again by crappy writing, these people are sick and twisted to do this to me.

    I guess it’s like popcorn. I just can’t stop. I think I need to find better writing, but that is almost a herculean task!

  3. hi ashik … long time no talk … i was intrigued by these words, “At some point, I need to learn to be found.”

    what an interesting turn of words. it is such an intriguing paradox (balance?) between taking charge – “i need to learn” – and going with the flow – “to be found.”

    if you were in a session with me, i’d say, “oh! tell me more!”

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