Hoping Some Outrage and Change Might Occur via Sharing This Link

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Do we really have to give Egypt a dime? They abuse the Coptic minority, Islamism of the worst sort seems to be getting stronger there all the time, and the thing about free speech is that while I don’t want to sit and be like “every country should have free speech,” I do believe every people should have a sense of justice, and I don’t want to blame the Egyptian gov’t alone for this travesty.

There is nothing just about a four year sentence for activism in speech: all this does is bring the worst fears of those of us who are more liberal to the forefront, and makes actual dialogue about the limits of speech (i.e. printing cartoons as an “experiment” to purposely see how Islamists would react, then getting bent out of shape when the Islamists manipulate the situation and make it far uglier than it should be) impossible.

If anyone can get real translations of Kareem’s posts for all of us, that would be wonderful. The best thing we can do to show Egypt that they’re out of their minds is make sure that Kareem is the most widely read and talked about person on the Internet.

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  1. It is a bit odd. Three years for religious contempt? One for insulting the president? I bet president Bush is a bit envious of the last sentence. But then again probably not, he understands freedom. Freedom is not a well endowed virtue in the middle eastern cultures.

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