Another day

There is good news. A very good friend seems to be recovering well after a procedure of which the words “gruesome” and “inhuman” can only hint at its cruelty.

And yeah, I’ve been lazy today, and the day before, expecting Knowledge to come to me and not I to her. She’s not like Fortune, daring the strong. She’s more like Truth, except she resents her older sister for putting her down for her lack of focus. I suppose I really should get used to the fact that she’s all over the place, and sometimes in a realm of the purely trivial, and maybe even take advantage of that fact. While she’s combing magazines at the bookstore, after all, I can sit down and clear my mind…

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  1. I am glad your friend is getting better. Maybe you will get some rest.

    I still pick virtue. It’s not that these men were virtuous as much as they remained virtuous. It would have been very easy and lucrative to betray their fellow men. They didn’t, because virtue was absolutely better than just existing. Yes, you are vulnerable, indeed more vulnerable, by being virtuous. Being virtuous is not easy, and saying virtuous is even harder.

    It is better than being mediocre. mediocrity is not just being content it is a denial of talents. It is the willing disregard for whta a person should be. I understand what you are saying, but you are wrong. Virtues will always trump mediocrity.

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