She likes to ask questions and think through issues and argue in order to find the truth. Let’s see where this goes.

This is a most welcome change from 99% of the women I meet – actually, from most people I meet. Our notion of being educated is that of merely being informed; our notion of intelligence has been reduced to doing the useful consistently.

The neat thing about meeting someone like this is that I’ll learn from her. And I should say that the willingness to give in thought always translates to the willingness to give in deed, for what drives true thinking is wanting to know how best to love.


  1. beautiful and true. truth is relative, but the debate and willingness to see many points of view makes love true. how can you love someone that you can’t argue with. I can’t…which perhaps is why I was single for so long. Argument is stimulating and most people avoid it like the plague.

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