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A new social bookmarking site called “Right Bump” is up and running and it isn’t perfect, but I think people should be submitting and debating there, if they’re conservative. The other social bookmarking sites lean very heavily “radical,” I’ve been shouted down there many a time by the DailyKos crowd (some of whom are really nice, except when they’re shouting at me).

Another blogging thing, in case any of you know: I’m looking for a site where RSS junkies can find the blogs they like, and subscribe. You know, a matchmaking site for people that want their RSS reader to work like a cable subscription. Does such a thing exist, or am I gonna have to create it?

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  1. I have decided not to go up to NY. I just need help in keeping my resolve. So, I am looking for things to keep me busy and occupied this weekend. I am going hiking with Andrew, but only for one day. I need to keep my mind occupied with other issue’s and what not. But a decision has been made, and I feel more confident in that decision every second.

    Maybe tonight we can get together and commiserate!!??

  2. Yah, we’ll see what we can do about tonight. About the civil war; I don’t know what you could write up that would be of use to buffs. Maybe talk about what the civil war means today, the implications and results as they impact life today. Also, talk about the dynamics of slavery and wealth and what they mean. Is the civil war an attack against unbridled wealth? Just some thoughts.

    I am too distracted and bored to really work on anything this morning. So, I can justify this, the online waste, by waiting for an email about some data that I am searching for. What a waste of a day. I am glad that I have a long weekend. Even though the weekend on a certain level will be bitter sweet. Oh wee, such is life!!

  3. That guy is a little off base. In some respects he is right, the iphone isn’t as shiny as first described. But, the same was said about the ipod when it was released. Who was going to spend over $300 for a music player? Millions of people, that’s who! Also, the link for the bad stock lines isn’t there, because they aren’t in any trouble. Last year saw huge gains, from ipods to the mac. He sounds like another apple hater personally. Will the iphone work? Maybe, maybe not. But a-lot of people want it!

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