Links, 1/30

Just some links that are definitely worth your time. I’m not really posting today because I have to catch up with reading sometime.

1. Josh muses on the nature of sin and its consequences in two separate posts. If you go back through his recent archive, there’s also grappling with SK’s aesthetic and ethical levels of morality, and thoughts on what the Church has become today. Highly recommended reading all around.

2. Amy King’s poem “I’ve Opted for a Heart This Mid-November Morn” plays with numerous associations, and threatens to bury the ill-equipped reader with them all. I’m still sorting through them, but I’m taken by those first two lines of hers especially.

3. Protecting one’s reputation on the Internet can be a problem, esp. given who’s doing the “protecting.”

(h/t PTN)

4. I don’t know if you’ll find this useful – I certainly haven’t yet – but there is a social bookmarking engine called that allows self-promotion. Most of the articles on there aren’t terribly high-quality just yet, but maybe it’ll become something decent. I dunno (and no, I’m not whining because my articles haven’t gotten any votes there).

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