The trouble lies not with the friends who are not talking to you, and who owe you an apology. They’ll figure out what needs to be done, or cease being relevant both to you and, more importantly, to anyone else, rather quickly.

The trouble lies with those you’re trying to stay in touch with and who might be trying to stay in touch with you and god, it’s that ambiguity – are we communicating with each other? are we not? are we trying? it sure doesn’t seem like it – that could destroy a friendship for no reason. At least with the ones involved in an argument, there was a cause, and blame can be assigned.

What happens when “something” is tending towards “nothing” just because? It’s scary, because we could conceive of death as exhaustion from a life well-lived, but this scenario allows us not even that morbid optimism, as nothing “good” is being produced or enjoyed…

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  1. All things tend towards decay and death, even friendship. Which is why friendship is a verb and not a noun, it is an act, a struggle against that entropy. Once one stops, all stops with it.

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