1. I eat very well at home.

(It should be noted that for Montesquieu, the most despotic countries seem to be the ones with the best cuisine: China, India and, by implied argument, France are all cited as being tyrannical or tending towards tyranny.)

2. It feels comfy.

(Been very diligent with Aristotle this past week, despite acting in some ways not like an adult at all.)

3. It’s cramped.

(There are more people who care around. I like it cramped.)

4. I’m freer here.

(This will be demonstrated when I have Internet at home, and can resume my studies and conversations in earnest.)

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  1. Hey Ashok,

    Here is the link to that one “poet” I have been reading( http://outsidetena.blogspot.com/). I don’t understand what passes as poetry any more(this is not in regards to her work, necessarily). There is so much crap out there and it all has no form, no meaning, no flow to it. Why is it someone puts words in a certain format like this:

    we walked together down
    the lane. My hand and hers together.silence and only silence resounding all in all. But dare
    I speak? who could say, so awkwardly we go along.

    and so forth. You get the idea. It bothers me when this is held up as art by some.

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