I Love Football, But Football Fans Have An Average IQ of 7


Add to this the following anecdotes: the amount of bitching about Andy Reid, which assumes that he can control injuries when his team plays in the toughest division in football; the time Notre Dame fired Tyrone Willingham after convening an emergency meeting of the Board of Trustees (or Governors, or something) after having lost a football game – it was like everyone got off their couch and decided they had to act; the booing of Tom Brady at Foxboro earlier this year, because clearly, the man who has brought 3 Super Bowl titles to the franchise isn’t playing hard enough or well-enough; and, of course, this nonsense that Rutgers is some amazing school because it can beat Louisville and other community colleges filled with inmates at football and make a lot of Jerseyites happy for about 3 minutes.

It looks like the vast majority of football fans want every play to be a TD, and every game to be won. If that isn’t the case, they feel they can do a better job.

I’m of the exact opposite attitude. I think there’s an amazing amount of talent in football, esp. at the pro level. The Steelers are losing this year, but Cowher and Dick LeBeau, who invented the Zone Blitz, are gonna go to the Hall of Fame. I hate Billick, but he really is an amazing offensive coordinator, and being a Cunningham fan, I owe him for helping Randall get a great season before Dan Reeves figured out how to exploit the utter lack of defense the 98 Vikings had. Dennis Green is having a horrible year, but there’s sick talent in Arizona on both sides of the ball. Art Shell’s Raiders have an incredible defense, and almost beat the Chargers. And everyone thinks they can out-coach Marty Schottenheimer because he makes a dumb call here and there, or makes mistakes in strategy. I think he’s the best coach in the game – better than Tuna, Shanahan or Belichick (sp?), and the proof of that is MartyBall. Most runs make 2 yards a carry – but if you conceive of the run game as a way of beating the s**t out of a defense, you’ve turned your offense into a weapon just as potent as having a good defense.

Football fans are idiots, and need to grow up. Teams lose. I’ve many a time supported a losing team. I hope Philly beats the crap out of the Panthers Sunday. I don’t like Jeff Garcia, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want him to do well, and that I want to see the defeatism that swallows Philly sports fans consume the team too.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. The problem is that all fans expect instant success. They also have this mentality that since they buy tickets they should be heard in team decisions. That’s like saying buy things at Best Buy so I should have a say in the management of their entire corporation. Just plain silly and arrogant!

  2. “Great Expectations” on the part of all who follow football … I watch it but I don’t follow it. Never look at the sports pages and never visit sport sites.

    Thanks for visit – glad to know you are well and look forward to your writings.

    For your future references in political science – look at glennbeck.com – you can also see him on CNN Headline News – which is an unusual place for someone with his insight.

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