Let’s Just Say Classical Music Is Dead, And Be Honest

Here’s a load of b.s.

Just because technology is making possible a collection of fine-arts performances that could not exist before doesn’t mean we’re not in severe cultural decline because of technology.

When you have synthesizers and sound effects, why play piano and Brahms? Why go perform blues guitar live when you can lip sync on a major television show?

And remember, the biggest impact technology has is not on the fine arts, it’s on our values. Technology is a product of wanting to acquire. In order to have technology, man has to conceive of Nature as something to be conquered. Method replaces discovery, for method need not be wholly right – its most important characteristic is that it is useful.

With all that in mind, let’s attack this stupid post for being the libertarian nonsense it is, and show that we are in severe cultural decline in one easy move:

If indeed technology allows for such a wonderful possibility, and we are enhanced as a people by this possibility, then why do we need bloggers dedicated to the fine arts to stumble upon it to introduce it to us? – Oh, that’s right, because the audience for this sort of stuff barely exists anymore, and the structures which created that audience are long gone. –

My blood is boiling because of the utter dishonesty needed to make these sorts of “look at how technology and democracy converge” type arguments that the whole of the Internet constantly repeats. Look, democracy requires love of equality and love of virtue. Technology cuts against both – I have noted that here and here.

And so to look at the mere possibility without seeing at what cost it has come – in order to get technology, after all, we have to educate in a way that means music appreciation and the fine arts have to be considered crap, as they are mere remnants of the old – isn’t merely foolish. It’s thoughtless, and it’s a disgrace anyone would post a blog like that without even trying to think of the larger issues. If one wishes to disagree with me, fine, but note that I’ve put the big issues and questions on the table, and not tried to dodge them by being a fucking cheerleader for idiocy.

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  1. Well said Ashok!! M ethinks I am inspired. I have been saying for the longest time that technology only serves the most base of desires. It is a tool and nothing more. To insist that a tool will save our culture is misguided. The fools that aspire to such thinking are FUCKING IDIOTS! There is no getting around it. Technology, when used or promoted as a social crutch, is insipid and destructive. It will only serve to make us drooling dolts that in no way are able to think for ourselves any more.

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