The grades haven’t been great, despite the fact I have two classes, but I’m dominant in a way I haven’t been in school before. It’s hard to get a discussion going that’s good, and even more difficult to guide it the way one wants to.

But that’s been happening, and I know the grades have to come. It’s inevitable, unless I lapse into a coma.

By analogy, this reasoning extends to one other area of my “life,” and I hope this “life” will become a life soon. The charity and prayers that have been extended to me I will be forever grateful for, and I hope I can do more to justify them. I also hope that what I don’t do, but what is given to me, will be the ultimate justification of me, and I think I really do believe in miracles right about now.

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  1. I have my plane ticket and the time off. So, I am ready to go. I believe I will be arriving there at aroung 5:30pm.

    Only two classes!! I thought that you had a full load?

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