An Attempted NFL Prediction.

I’m a Chargers fan, so I hate saying this, but I think Kansas City might be for real.

Here’s the reasoning – the defense is inconsistent, just like the whole team, but unlike previous years, it has the ability to actually force a three-and-out.

That’s a huge improvement. Right now, the Colts are going through what KC has been in previous years, and it’s not pretty.

The offense is in severe decline. Tony Gonzalez is old. But the offensive line has been consistently good, Huard isn’t a bad QB, Green is coming back, Kennison is an excellent receiver, and Larry Johnson is an animal.

The thing about this team that makes me think they’re for real is that they present major matchup problems for any team facing them. They beat SD last week by standing firm against the pash rush – absolutely the most fearsome pass rush in the league – and going bombs away against the secondary. They can implement any game plan they wish.

The only obstacle to them doing well is Herm Edwards. He has to pick the right strategy per opponent. He’s got a football team that has all the pieces to take opponents apart, if the strategy is good. The team itself is not a dominating team, and does not have a dominating element like Denver’s linebacking corps or soon-to-be MVP Donovan McNabb.

What they have is the ability to be competitive on a scale I hadn’t thought possible before, and can easily be underestimated. Even with a loss this week, they would have a game against the Rams, Dolphins, Browns, and 2 against the Raiders. If they can steal another win, that’s 9 wins; 2 more wins, 10 wins.

– Watch as they probably lose this game this week due to some weakness I hadn’t picked up on just now, and then blow the rest of the schedule. –

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