Taking two classes, sitting in three more. Then there’s choir and the dissertation, and one of the classes is a language class.

I’m busy. I like it.

Things I’m thinking about:

Plato –

  • A distinction between “wisdom” and “war” is key, yet the figure of Athena combines both and is revered. Does Socrates work to separate both, or does he indicate that their pairing, while problematic, is emblematic of the Natural?
  • The problem with the “new” in politics is that all it does is stem from the problems one has with the old, especially if the old is intellectually thin. This is Dr. Parens’ thought, that the “old” always requires a shame-based morality tied to piety, and can never be enough by itself to be permanent, and the “new” is even less, as it is merely a reaction to the old. How does Socrates offer a third way, if he offers a third way?
  • Note that some Platonic dialogues are narrated – Socrates narrates the whole of the Republic to us – and others are performed, as if they were plays. I have no idea what this means yet.

Aristotle –

  • The conventional points to the natural, thus opening the door for anarchist thought, as it opens the door for the philosophical to enter the political.
  • And that is why, weirdly enough, institutions like the polis are critical; the polis is the most natural of all things, as it comprehends the family and trade, even.
  • All politics is the conventional/natural interplay, and strictly speaking, moving to one extreme – like empire or anarchy – is beyond the political.

General –

  • Girls still suck here.
  • Being in 5 classes is really tiring.
  • Need to call people soon.

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  1. Ashoke,

    Don’t worry about it, everything will be allright. Everything always turns out for the best for this is the best of all possible worlds (of course this assumes that other worlds were even possible!).

    I have plenty of time off to take. So, if you are still coming home in december I can do it. This I know and promise.


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