The Beginning

The last blog had a lot of high points, and I wholly expected it to go viral and find much greater success. I remember posts with tons of comments and lots of responses from other blogs. I felt active, involved, always going forward.

That was a mistake. I didn’t understand that the garish design of the blog worked against me. I didn’t understand what community where I blogged meant. I know now what it means and it is not a good thing. It was never about genuine support, but about trying to manufacture hype through fake smiles and lots of postings. I wanted a place for mutual learning and teaching, an audience willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. The hope was that success could grow a more natural way. I required something more than the usual, i.e. everyone trying to drum up some views for their blog.

Highlights of what’s been written previously:

It is time to find the audience I need and needs me. I’ve got something to say. It might even be important. I owe myself a fresh start.

Edit, 12.12.2014: I have been blogging for 8 or 9 years. I have created quite an impressive scrapbook on this blog, but I would only put forth a few pieces as me at my best. Everything must be revised, old mistakes must be confronted, so something beautiful, thoughtful, worthwhile emerges.

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