I will be back home in December it looks like. This is a very good thing. All my coursework should be complete by then, and all that will remain are exams – language and comprehensives, and, of course, the dissertation.

Things are good, but busy. The courses I have this semester are going to be amazing. And while I don’t cry at funerals, I’m going to miss my choir director, Marilyn, and Glen Thurow, who has been a great professor, and an even better friend.

EDIT (8.27, 7:13): I just realized something major that is going to delay this homecoming until April, unless I can arrange something fast.


  1. Hope you enjoy your trip – news from Seoul, South Korea – grandchild, David Joseph Hagarty arrived to his parents, Capt. Karl and Danielle Hagarty. -Pic on

    Enjoy. joetheartist

  2. Ashoke,
    Let me know if you are still coming home in December. I am pretty shure that I can travel with you. I still have about a week of days off left.

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